Alura Callaghan-Rynarin (azuregrimalkin) wrote in heather_skylogs,
Alura Callaghan-Rynarin

Characters : Alura, Michael Oliveira, and Anyone Else?
Location : Sports Center
Rating : PG
Warnings : Loud, imaginary music ahead.

There was music playing in one of the padded studios at the sports center. Alura was back again, ready this time to practice on one of her routines. She had plans. A commercial space was recently acquired. The space was being renovated, Alura was excited, but the smell of paint and sawdust was making her eye water with sneezes that told her quickly to flee.

So with her staff, she popped in one of her best friend's piano pieces and stretched. The door was left wide open - after all, this was a free space, and Alura didn't mind the visitors. Seeing all of these new people, people like her, was amazing. She hoped that feeling would never end.

The music was very classical and soft, enchanting even with its peaceful melody.
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