fair_rhythm (fair_rhythm) wrote in heather_skylogs,

Characters: Adila Kiebrie, Eirny Wesouth, Pepper Nation
Location: Music Millenium, and then all over~
Rating: PG
Warnings: none

Since Eirny had come to live with her, Addie had seen a dramatic increase in her hours. School was taking a back seat, now--which she was really okay with, all things considered--to lessons and work; now, when Eirny got out of school, she dropped most of her stuff at their apartment and then went down to laze about in the back office with Jack.

This was one of those times. Addie was in the far reaches of the front of the store, trying to find a bundle of misplaced holds, because one of the two part-timers had for some reason ignored the neon green and very-hard-to-miss sticky notes on the font of at least a dozen discs. She moved in time with the alternative rock playing over the speakers, using the heavy bass--which could be heard out in the main street, even though the sound wasn't that loud--to alleviate her frustration with stupid people.
Tags: !incomplete, adila kiebrie, eirny wesoüth, pepper nation
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