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Characters: Adile Kiebrie, Eirny Wesouth, Aerowyn
Location: The girls' living room, and then coffee.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Unadulterated sugar, possibly angst.

Addie stared at her living room and sighed. Tiny piles of smarties--each with one of five colors, to make little rainbows--covered every available surface. Lassie was standing on the coffee table, sniffing at one of the little piles and sneezing every few seconds. The entire room smelled like candy.
"Eirny," Addie said quietly. The 12-year-old stuck her head into the living room, then glanced up at her cousin.
"What's Wyn going to think?"
"That I'm crazy!" Eirny replied cheerfully, dancing over to Ziggy's cage and scooping her out of it. "Addie, do you think bunnies can eat smarties?"
"No," Addie replied forcefully, but unable to hide the little smile that had persisted at the corner of her mouth since Halloween. "They can't. I don't care what you do with them, but they had better be gone by the time Wyn and I leave."
"You're going somewhere?" Eirny asked, tilting her head. Her eyes flashed, and Addie shook her head firmly.
"We're going to coffee," she told her cousin, ruffling her hair. "That's all. Watch Lassie, she's about to fall off the table."
Tags: !incomplete, adila kiebrie, aerowyn, eirny wesoüth
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