dj [teo™] (djembes) wrote in heather_skylogs,
dj [teo™]

sha la la.

Characters: Jhieno & Wyn
Location: Wherever ice cream is sold?
Rating: T at most.
Warnings: None!

It had been, all things considered, a monumentally stupid thing for Aerowyn to say.

What had he been thinking? Having been on the receiving end of so many jabs about his intelligence and "right"ness—and there he was, doing the same to Jhieno. Despite Jhieno's insistence that it was nothing, that he was thin-skinned or overly sensitive, Wyn knew that he had been a royal asshole.

But ice cream was the least he could do, if Jhieno wouldn't accept his apologies.
Tags: aerowyn, jhieno
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