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Characters: Eirny Wesoüth, Aerowyn
Location: The Roof and the Sky
Rating: G
Warnings: No~one.

Eirny was bouncing. Her hair--pulled back in braids and tied with little black ribbons--bobbed up and down around her face as she moved, skipping up the stairs towards Heather Sky's roof. She held a ruby-red apple in each little hand, and they gleamed in the staircase's florescent lights as she swung her arms.
The door was heavy. Eirny looked at her full hands, then at the lever, and then closed her eyes. The door shivered, and swung open.

Eirny loved Heather Sky's roof. It had been turned into a huge green landscape, with gardens and baseball parks and trees and flowers. She'd suggested to Aerowyn that they meet on the south side, by the cluster of big evergreens; After orienting herself, she headed in that direction at a half-skip, with the apples floating around her head just for fun.
She was a bit early. She'd been so eager that she'd turned the fifteen-minute trek from floor to roof into ten, time spent dropping her bag and grabbing a coat at home included. She'd been thrilled when Wyn had offered to take her flying; now, with the green grass below her and endlessly clear blue sky above her, Eirny felt like singing for joy.

The apples stopped a few yards from the tree and hovered, bobbing up and down. Eirny stood below them and turned in a slow circle, one eye trained on her watch as she waited and watched for Aerowyn to show up.
Tags: !complete, Eirny Wesoüth, aerowyn
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