dj [teo™] (djembes) wrote in heather_skylogs,
dj [teo™]

here kitty kitty

Characters: Aerowyn, Xurxo
Location: Xurxo's apartment
Rating: G
Warnings: Nope.

Despite the fact that he knew someone had to say something to Xurxo about his behavior, Aerowyn still felt sort of bad about the whole dangling incident. Even though Xurxo had tried hard not to show that he was afraid, Wyn had been able to see it, and that didn't quite sit right with him-- he wanted to make it right.

Which is why he was standing outside Xurxo's apartment again, this time with no intention of picking any locks or kidnapping any godlings. His gift to Xurxo was curled up in one sweatshirt pocket, and he knocked on the door and waited.
Tags: !complete, aerowyn, xurxo
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